PS5: 3 Months Later Review

  • 2021.02.23
  • PS5
PS5: 3 Months Later Review

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So it’s been 3 months since I picked up the PS5 at launch, and although it’s been a great next-gen console, it’s not been 100% perfect. This is my 3 months later, honest review of the PlayStation 5. What I like, dislike, what I’d change and what issues I’ve had.

We’ll take a look at the DualSense controller, games, UI, speed, memory and loads more. So if you’re thinking “should I buy a PS5?”, let me try and answer that today with my experience so far. Also, ask me ANYTHING and I’ll get back to you.

Ultimately, would I recommend getting a PS5 and is it worth upgrading from the PS4/PS4 Pro? #PlayStation5 #PS5 #Review

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00:00 Hello!
00:33 DualSense Controller
02:52 PS5 Games and Gameplay
04:29 Stereo Shows
06:02 PS4 Games and PS+
07:55 Speed and Game Switcher
10:04 Available Memory and SSD options
10:50 Console Style and Looks
11:34 UI, Library and Settings
13:26 Improvements
15:08 Issues and Faults
16:58 Accessories
17:56 Should you buy a PS5?
18:57 Thanks for Watching!

Thanks for watching, Chris.

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