New 1st Party IP for PS5 in 2025. | PlayStation Portal Is Getting Cloud Streaming? – [LTPS #596]

  • 2023.11.18
  • PS5

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This week saw the release of the PlayStation Portal and that means we have the SVP of Platform Experiences at SIE talking about the device. Turns out, they might actually be doing some cloud stuff eventually! Also, we had a slip up that might have revealed the release years for some PS Studio games from Bend and Insomniac. And if THAT wasn’t enough, TLOU Part 2’s PS5 version might be revealed soon. We also discuss GOTY nominees, PS Plus Premiums actually kinda decent lineup, and PS5 sales. Yeah, it’s a pretty rad show today. Some might even say gnarly. Or tubular. Tubular. That’s tight.

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0:00 – Intro & PS Plus Reminder
0:19 – PS Plus Extra November Lineup
0:47 – PS Plus Premium November Lineup
1:50 – More Disney Classics Rated In Taiwan
2:58 – PlayStation Black Friday Deals
4:44 – New Apple Music Deal For PS5 Owners
5:46 – X Exploring New Integrations For PS5
7:29 – TGA GOTY 2023 Nominees
10:35 – Baldur’s Gate 3 Getting 2 Disc PS5 Release
12:41 – Wolverine & Bends New IP Release Year
16:05 – FFVII Rebirth Rated By ESRB
17:24 – PS5 Market Share Increasing More
20:24 – Sony Says PS Portal Is About Engagement
22:35 – Cloud Streaming May Come To The Portal
23:56 – Impressions For Pulse Explore Sound Great
26:07 – TLOU Part II’s PS5 Version Announcement Soon?
27:18 – Season 2 For TLOU Has Their Abby Actress?
28:50 – Let’s Talk Plus
29:21 – Housekeeping

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