Sony’s Huge Showcase Disappoints Online And Disaster Strikes A Big Game Publisher | News Wave

  • 2023.05.26
  • PS5

Yesterday Sony’s big showcase aired to a lot of disappointment online despite some bright spots. Embracer Group shared their financial report while detailing a devastating loss of a contract worth billions of dollars.

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Ys X: Nordics launches September 28 in Japan


00:00 – Start

00:39 – Dead Island 2 Sales

2:04 – 3DS Latest Update Is Hackable Again

3:13 – Ys X Coming In September For Japan

4:13 – PlayStation Showcase

15:20 – Embracer Group In Trouble

18:18 – Prince Of Persia Remake Reboot

20:20 – Poll

21:25 – Comment Of The Day

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