Forspoken | PS5 vs PC RTX 4080 | Graphics & Framerate Comparison

  • 2023.01.25
  • PS5

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– Forspoken features 3 graphics modes on PS5: Quality, Ray-Tracing and Performance.
– Quality mode features better textures, draw distance and higher resolution (1728p on average).
– Ray-Tracing mode decreases resolution (1512p on average), texture quality and draw distance to present better shadows on some elements, but not on reflections or overall lighting.
– Performance mode has the same cuts in textures and draw distance as Ray-Tracing mode, as well as limiting its resolution to 1440p dynamic with temporal reconstruction. Despite the visual sacrifices, it does not maintain a stable 60fps.
– Forspoken supports 120Hz, however, this mode limits the maximum resolution to 1440p in all display modes. Ray-Tracing and Quality modes reach 40fps at 120hz, while Performance mode remains at 60fps.
– As for the PC version, the graphics settings are very similar to the PS5 Quality mode, improving the drawing distance and shadows by RT.
– Despite not having detected bugs or experiencing crashes on PC, it is a poorly optimized version. We barely achieved an average of 40fps using the equipment mentioned above, forcing us to use DLSS or FSR to get an acceptable framerate.
– Load times are very fast on both platforms, slightly faster on PC.