Sony’s New PS5 Chip Upgrade! Worth the cost?

  • 2022.08.10
  • PS5

PS5 Pro!? For real!?

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PS5 Final Update:
After the PlayStation 5’s release in November 2020, many of Sony’s fans had praise and plaudits for the console’s next-gen capabilities. The new DualSense controller was the main focus of attention for many players, given the introduction of features such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, giving players a brand-new experience. Whilst this was present, there were also calls for improvements in multiple different departments of the console.
DualSense Features In Stray
As Sony continues to make efforts towards providing the best possible playing experience possible, fans also continue to share their own feedback and thoughts on the changes which are required in order to take the console towards its full potential.

A special survey from PlayStation at fighting game tournament Evo is asking players about the type of NFT they are most interested in.
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Evo is taking place between August 5 and 7, and Twitter user Snorlax Ownz shared a survey from PlayStation at the event – as Sony bought Evo last year – saying: “A special PlayStation quest at Evo is asking players about what gaming NFTs they want to see from PlayStation.”
IGN has confirmed the presence of the survey at the event, which comes after the announcement of PlayStation Stars, a rewards program that was promised to “definitely not” be NFTs.

PS5 Slim / Pro:
Take this with a mighty pinch of salt, but it’s been reported via Zuby-Tech on Twitter that Sony has secured a 6nm manufacturing process for new hardware with TSMC and AMD, which points in the direction of the much-rumored PS5 Pro/Slim.

Sony hasn’t committed to a redesign of its flagship console yet, but given its history (every major PlayStation console to date bar PS5 has seen a ‘slim’ iteration) we can’t imagine they’re going to skip this one.

There’s also a strong chance that it could be working on a mid-cycle refresh of the PS5, which the PS4 received back in 2016 with the PS4 Pro.
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On the subject of the PS5 Pro, Polish TV manufacturer TCL revealed in a presentation early this year that Sony’s enhanced console will launch at some point in 2023/4, and will be joined by a mid-cycle refresh for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S.

As mentioned, Sony hasn’t announced anything about a PS5 Pro or PS5 Slim, so don’t read too much into this latest report for the time being. Nonetheless, it’s very interesting if it’s the real deal, so we’ll keep you posted.

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