We NEED to Talk about the NEW PS5 Model…

  • 2021.07.22
  • PS5

There’s a new version of the PS5 coming soon according to a leak but I dont think this means what people think. Lets dig into the news!

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Sony appears to be rolling out its first revision of the PlayStation 5 hardware.
A new version of the PS5 Digital Edition console detailed in an official Japanese product manual shows that the updated hardware model (CFI-1100B) weighs 3.6kg, which is 300g less than the launch version (CFI-1000B). In this video DreamcastGuy rants about the news while talking about the effects this small revision will have and how it can hopefully lead to more major PlayStation 5 changes and production rates in the future!
The revised hardware also appears to include a different screw used to attach the console’s stand, as shown in the comparison images below (via Resetera).
The new PS5 model has already been listed on the websites of some Japanese retailers, who will reportedly be offering the updated hardware as part of their next lottery sales.