Genshin Impact PS5 Review – The Final Verdict

  • 2021.05.06
  • PS5
Genshin Impact PS5 Review – The Final Verdict

Genshin Impact is gorgeous, it’s got shockingly high production values, the combat and exploration gameplay loop is extremely entertaining, and it’s systemically very dense as well. If you’ve never played Genshin Impact before, you should check it out – it’s free, after all, and it’s really good. But I would heavily encourage you to forego the PS4 version and check it on the PS5 to the extent possible (assuming you’re not trying one of the other versions, of course).

If you have already played this breakout hit before, you’ll be pleased to know that on PS5, in spite of some missed opportunities to address a lot of the game’s issues or to improve on it in several meaningful ways, the improvements that are brought to the table are just enough to make this the definitive way to play this game on console.