Did Square Enix JUST LEAK a BUYOUT from Sony PlayStation?

  • 2023.03.26
  • PS5

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Multiple industry insiders believe that Sony will soon acquire Square Enix, which would give PlayStation ownership of franchises like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. A Japanese entertainment conglomerate, Square Enix publishes and develops games alongside creating arcades, merchandise and manga. Recently Square Enix sold western studios to Embracer Group along with popular properties like Tomb Raider and Deus Ex, but this many be just the start of a larger transaction.

Founded in 2003 following a merge between publishers Square and Enix, Square Enix and its collection of franchises are popular around the world. Square’s classic Japanese role-playing series Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are perhaps the company’s most well-known creations, with both franchises lasting into the modern day. Western developers owned by Square Enix, like Crystal Dynamics and Eidos-Montreal, have also produced successful projects in the Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, Just Cause and Marvel franchises. While many of these properties were recently sold to Embracer Group, the recent reveal of Kingdom Hearts 4 means that Square Enix still has plenty to offer the gaming world.

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