Sony Never Told PS5 Users About This Feature

  • 2022.04.22
  • PS5

Here’s the PS5 secret setting that Sony didn’t tell Playstation 5 users about! ALLM is a NEW PS5 feature just added to the Playstation 5… Auto Low Latency Mode will lower input lag on PS5 and improve performance for Playstation users! Here’s how it works & how to enable ALLM on PS5 easy.. All you need is a HDMI 2.1 gaming TV, a High Speed HDMI cable, & your Playstation 5 to update with the latest system software! When you connect your Playstation to a Gaming TV or Monitor that supports ALLM with HDMI 2.1, your PS5 will AUTOMATICALLY enable this secret feature. Currently, there is no way to turn it off.. It enables only when connected! This video shows how it works EASY! Thanks for Watching! For MORE tips & tricks for your Playstation, make sure to SUBSCRIBE & leave a “LIKE” rating if your enjoyed!