Microsoft Says Goodbye To Xbox One And More Evidence Found For Rumored PS5 Update? | News Wave

  • 2022.01.15
  • PS5

Microsoft has moved onto the Xbox Series X/S after launching the two consoles in 2020 and now we have confirmation that the Xbox One has been discontinued. The PS5 is rumored to be receiving a new service that will include games from previous PlayStation consoles and now it looks like documents are resurfacing online showing backwards compatibility for the PS5.

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00:00 – Start

00:47 – Hitman Trilogy Announced

1:53 – My Hero Academia Battle Royale Announced

3:11 – Halo Xbox 360 Servers Officially Shut Down

4:16 – Sony Patent Hints At Backwards Compatibility

7:48 – Microsoft Reportedly Stopped Xbox One Manufacturing

11:14 – Pokemon Legends Arceus Gameplay Detailed

14:48 – GTA VI Release Window Hints

16:58 – Poll

17:41 – Comment Of The Day

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