God of War: PC vs PS5 Performance Review

  • 2022.01.13
  • PS5

God of War PC release is finally here after 4 years as a Playstation exclusive. With our in-depth PC Performance review, we are going to smash through all the settings, boosts and more across 2 PC specifications along with comparisons to the PS5 Backwards Compatibility version. How much better is it over the PRO version, what do you need to run it, and have the gods graced us with a prize PC port? All that and much more within.

God of war pc release date is here on Steam with a god of war download on PC giving PC players the god of war PC game and being able to check the god of war PC requirements. THis is god of war ps4 but now on PC with extra graphical features and enhancements to utilise the PC power from another Playstation Exclusive now on Steam.

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